Best Shopify Product Returns Management Software in 2021

How to Determine the Best Shopify Product Returns Management Software or App for Your Ecommerce Store


It’s one of the hardest problems in ecommerce. Even thirty years after the inception of ecommerce, returns management is still one of the most pervasive problems in online retail.

If you run an ecommerce business, you are probably getting returns. And as a result, you’re looking for the Shopify returns management software that best fits your company’s unique needs and processes. Your business deserves smarter returns management.

Unfortunately, Shopify provides minimal support for refunds and exchanges, leaving you with a frustratingly manual process that takes up countless hours just to handle returns.


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This image is a “before” shot – it captures the complexity and inefficiency of a fully manual returns process. 

A Shopify returns management software, like ReturnLogic, helps retailers create a better customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and collect powerful business insights.

In fact, ReturnLogic can help you intelligently automate much of the returns process. This will save your team both time and headaches!

A good solution will also give you visibility into how the process is performing. This means fewer human mistakes and fewer things fall through the cracks. It also means that you can optimize the system as your business grows.


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Now, this image is an “after” shot, showcasing the streamlined process with ReturnLogic, as well as the vast reduction in both time and steps. 

We hear the question a lot: “If we don’t use ReturnLogic, who would you recommend for returns management software?” That’s why I have compiled a list of four of the best return management companies for Shopify retailers.

We are thrilled to answer this question for you, so you can find the best solution for your business. So, let’s dive into some details about the best Shopify returns management software.


Who are the best Shopify returns management software options?


We put together this list based on a few major factors:

  1. Customer experience in the returns process
  2. The sophistication of handling returns
  3. Industry reputation and ability to scale

In an attempt to be as neutral as possible, I’m recusing ReturnLogic as part of the conversation. I’m also going to share feedback I hear from retailers every day as I discuss their challenges with returns and the solutions that they’ve tried.


The Best Shopify Returns Management Software (in no particular order):


1. ReturnMagic:

Around since late 2016, ReturnMagic was hot topic news when it was acquired by Shopify in June of 2018. ReturnMagic works well as a lightweight online customer portal, making it easy for customers to start a return and print a shipping label.

But, it lacks the sophistication to support more complex workflows. We have seen ReturnMagic be a good fit for retailers with around 1-50 returns per month.


2. Returnly:

Founded in 2014, Returnly is on a mission to de-risk the landscape of returns. They strive to provide frictionless returns to shoppers by financing exchange credit even before the shopper sends an item back to the retailer.

While this can offer a great customer experience, I’ve heard from some retailers that report that the “financing” of exchanges leads to a murky pricing structure, as well as a sizable fee on each return.


3. Loop Returns:

Beginning in 2017, Loop Returns was built by a Shopify agency and features best-in-class design. They strive to reengage the shopper in the ecommerce experience as they’re making an exchange.

However, we have heard that Loop’s exchange system can cause issues in accounting records. As a result, some companies have to manually reconcile their records or even hire a professional accountant.


4. Happy Returns:

Happy Returns started back in 2015 as a national chain of physical “return bars,” but later announced that they would offer an online returns portal for their retailers, as well. For a retailer looking for physical return locations, Happy Returns may be a good option.


Questions to Consider for Returns Software Options


Now that you’re equipped with some basic information on some of the best Shopify return management software options, keep in mind the support your store requires so that you can better fit your needs with the perfect returns provider.

Remember that the core components of returns management solutions are the customer experience, operational efficiency, and returns optimization.

Consider the following with Shopify returns management options:

Does the software include a polished returns portal to ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience?

Can the solution support your store’s return policy and return process so your customer support team doesn’t need to manually sort through requests?

Can the returns software support seamless exchanges, refunds, store credit, and warranty returns so that your shopper has the best returns customer experience possible?

Does the solution provide insights to help you reduce your return rate?

Does the software provide operational support and visibility so that your warehouse and customer support teams are always aligned?

Can the returns software sync with your inventory management software, to ensure that your inventory levels are properly reflected?

Does the software allow your warehouse team to set a disposition on returned products so you can quickly restock good inventory and keep track of damaged inventory?

Can the returns solution support more specialized cases, such as third-party warranty returns and even gift returns?


Creating a Better Ecommerce Returns Process


Although it would be just as easy for you to choose a different Shopify returns solution, choosing ReturnLogic as your Shopify returns management software will provide you with a highly efficient and data-driven returns solution.

Out of the gate, our platform is flexible enough to support the most complex return workflows and back-end processes. This can save hundreds of hours in manual work for your team.

It also makes you smarter by helping your team make impactful decisions about marketing, product sourcing, inventory, and retention marketing – all driven by your returns data.

ReturnLogic is determined to improve the ecommerce returns process for retailers and their customers. We can provide your Shopify store with reliable returns management software, plus the knowledge and support you need to thrive in the market today.

To start taking control of your returns, schedule a demo today.


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