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Gift Returns are Key to Success this Holiday Season

Matt Blevins
Updated 10/12/20 5:16 PM

As Black Friday and the holiday season approaches, many retailers are bracing for the throngs of sales that are to come.

But the holiday season also brings an enormous challenge for businesses.

Gift returns.

Last year, holiday retail spending totaled around $730 billion.

The average American was estimated to spend over $1000 on holiday gifts alone.

Assuming a return rate of just 5%, to consider both online and in-store shopping as well as final sale stipulations, it's very possible that holiday gift returns accounted for billions in lost sales revenue.

No wonder January 2nd is known as National Returns Day.

Challenges of Gift Returns

Most returns are simple enough: the customer provides their email, order information, and other details, and is provided a shipping label to send the product back.

But what about a gift recipient, who doesn't know the order history or product name, and possibly doesn't even know the customer's email?

In most returns management solutions, the experience quickly goes downhill when the phrase “Oh, you shouldn't have!" becomes far too literal.

As a result, the gift recipient is usually forced to contact the company and explain the situation to customer service. The customer service representative endures multiple back-and-forth emails, possibly a phone call or two, just to sort out a single return.

That, or the gift recipient has to tell the person who gave them the gift that they would like to return it.

Either is a great way to diminish the holiday cheer.

Gift Returns by ReturnLogic

Our platform provides a frictionless solution to one of the most notorious challenges of the holiday season.

Gift recipients can start returns on their own, with nothing other than information from the package.

They are able to update the email and shipping address to reflect their own, so that the gift giver never sees any indication of a return.

The gift recipient then sends the product back for either an exchange or store credit. Either way, the cash from the sale is kept within your business.

They don't need to reach out to your customer service team, and the gift giver never has to know.

Bring Back the Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is a wonderful and exciting time for ecommerce brands.

Don't let the struggles of gift returns take away from the holiday cheer.

With a better gift returns process, you can make the most of the holiday season and transform gift returners into lifelong customers.

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