Your Time is Valuable.  So are Business Insights.

Returns are known to damage the customer experience and increase churn. 

With Return Logic you no longer have to spend precious hours wrangling data and building pivot tables, only to find the answers you need weeks too late.  Let us do the heavy lifting and show you where to look.  Again and again.

Get the answers you need to make smart business decisions.

Features You Will Love

We made our product simple to setup, and simple to use.


Configured for ZenDesk, Magento, Shopify, and more, making connecting your data sources a breeze. No need for costly internal development. Your IT team will thank you.

Team Ready

Quickly onboard your team or other departments. With customizable alerts, each user gets exactly the information they need to take action. Create Flags to address problematic products with the rest of your team.


Continuous real-time trend analysis identifies toxic products and pings you when you need to pay attention. Never miss an opportunity to prevent future returms and improve the customer experience.

Benefits Our Users Enjoy


Save hours of work wrangling data and building pivot tables.

Identify defects in the supply chain that cause returns, 10x faster.

Distribute critical insights to key decision makers.


Quickly identify problematic products with corrective insights.

Benefits Our Clients Enjoy


Make smarter sourcing decisions by avoiding underperforming products.

Happier customers who return fewer products.

Reduced churn and improved bottom line.


Know exactly what products you should not sell.


Used by Some of the Hottest Brands in Retail

Return Logic is already helping brands rethink their approach to returns management, and has had rave reviews from customers since day one. Our first customers are still loyal advocates who can't imagine life without Return Logic. 

As an ecommerce professional, there are few places that we can invest financial resources and achieve a 100% ROI. The Return Logic platform is one of those places.
— Jason Willitts, CEO

"Within the first month of using Return Logic, we identified a defect in packaging of one of our products that was resulting in nearly 100% return rate and costing us $2000 a month.  We were able to quickly rectify the problem, which had been going on for months.  Now we rely on Return Logic to surface issues before they become costly errors."

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