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Get more exchanges, customize returns, increase customer loyalty, and free up hundreds of hours with ReturnLogic.

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Powering innovative and modern Shopify brands.

See why Shopify's fastest growing brands use ReturnLogic to take full control over their returns process.

at Homefield Apparel

"It takes a lot of extra work off me and helps me focus more on our customers. I love looking at analytics and love that all the information is at my fingertips."

Britney N.
at Homefield Apparel
at Toybox

"A customizable, user-friendly interface that can scale in tandem with business growth."

Crash K.
at Toybox
at Darn Good Yarn

"Instead of 40 hours a week, our employee now goes into the super user-friendly software, clicks a couple of buttons and returns & exchanges are complete in under an hour a day."

Amanda S.
at Darn Good Yarn

"Great support, strong reporting. Easy to use and train employees on features within the system. We are able to analyze returns by product category, individual products, or even by customer. Very robust system."

Peter J.
at Ecru

“I want to promote sales that stick. We use ReturnLogic to determine what we’re going to do. Our real ROAS is only determined when we take a deep look at our returns data and use that to inform our marketing strategy.”

Howard S.
at Ecru

Returns data intelligence through automating ecommerce returns, exchanges and warranties.

Incredible Insights
Analyze product returns and discover opportunities.
Automated Options
Save time by automating the entire returns process.
Warranty Processing
Accept warranty claims on outside purchases.

With ReturnLogic

Without ReturnLogic

Centralize your returns process in one central hub.

Returns are complicated. They bog retailers down and cost them a lot of money.

Backend systems need to be updated to create a pleasant experience and keep the reverse supply chain flowing smoothly.

Instead of making these updates manually for each return (RMA), we automate and simplify the process by giving retailers:

Out-of-the-box Return Center
Automate the return, refund, and warranty process
Custom Workflows
Gain flexibility to support operational workflows and enforce policies.
Robust Integrations
Connect and update all essential platforms so there is no data disruption.

Too many problems. One simple solution.

Reduce returns
Lower your return rates by 15%, on average.
Decrease emails
ReturnLogic handles the entire returns process and limits your emails.
Automatically process returns
Save time by automating returns.
Learn from each return
Use robust insights to learn from each return.
Easily support any return policy
ReturnLogic can easily fit any return policy or procedure.
Keep customers happy
Improve ratings and customer satisfaction rates.
Gain operations visibility
Gain insights into operations on autopilot.
Turn returns into an advantage
Transform your returns process into a competitive advantage.
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Automate the entire returns process and take back your time.

Make returns faster and easier for customers and service teams. Give customers a branded self-service returns portal. Automatically generate return labels, track returns/exchanges, and save your support team from time-sucking manual tasks  

Gain visibility into your entire returns process.

Never be surprised again. Get total visibility into your returns process and inventory. Enforce your return policy and give your warehouse team the ability to process returns in minutes. Determine product dispositions and initiate the refund process.  

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Get incredible insights into product returns.

Use returns data to uncover toxic products, customers, and vendors Learn from every return so you can improve product descriptions, improve the customer experience, and boost sales by optimizing your return rate.  

Connect to all of the ecommerce tools you love

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Connect the e-commerce tools you depend on with our powerful native integrations or work with your developer to build a custom integration on our open API.  

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Powerful Features

Everything you need to manage your returns.

Our platform gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage returns and exchanges.

Self-Service Returns Portal
Shoppers can start returns and print labels without ever involving customer service.
Fully Automated Exchanges
Save the sale with a seamless swap for a product variant, or even a completely different product.
Complete Control
Customize your return policy and return rules to fit your exact needs and workflows.
Brand Customization
A fully branded experience for your shoppers, with custom styling and logos.
Inventory Management
Give your operations team the power to easily process returns and assign them to proper dispositions.
Smart Data Collection
Require photos and explanations of why an item is being returned, based on rules set by your policy and products.
One-Click Returns Processing
Empower your team to quickly review, edit, and approve return and exchange requests within seconds.
Pinpoint Analytics
Highly detailed and actionable data about your products and shoppers to reduce your return rate and improve retention.
3PL & ERP Integrations
Simple connection to your preferred inventory management and logistics platforms.