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Fix Your Shopify Returns Problem 

Out of the box automation for returns and exchanges. Built for Shopify retailers.


Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction, Boost Sales.

As a Shopify retailer one of your top priorities is to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers— and returns are a huge part of that equation.

Boost the customer experience by providing a custom Shopify returns and exchanges solution that fits your brand and encourages customers to repurchase.

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Save Hundreds of Hours

Gone are the days of manually processing returns and entering return reason codes into a spreadsheet. With our enterprise grade management tools, your team will be equipped to handle even the most complex returns and exchanges workflows.

Save hundreds of valuable hours, and ultimately have more time to focus on work that is more meaningful to your company.

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Detailed Retail Analytics & Returns Reporting

It's no secret that data drives our business world, especially in retail, where information on the behaviors and preferences of customers can make or break your business.

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Our platform is designed to help your team stop returns fraud, understand customer feedback, and analyze product performance. Ultimately helping your team make better business decisions and improving your bottom line.

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Our Amazing Clients

We're happy to showcase our amazing Shopify clients who use our technology everyday.

(Shopify) ReturnLogic Customer: EcruStyle
Ecru Style
Makers of the World's Best Fitting Pants
(Shopify Plus) ReturnLogic Customer: Mission Workshop
Mission Workshop
Weatherproof Bags & Technical Apparel
(Shopify) ReturnLogic Customer: Alp-N-Rock
Outerwear, Yoga, & Mountain Lifestyle Clothing
(ShopifyPlus) ReturnLogic Customer: Schoolhouse Electric
Schoolhouse Electric
Classic Lighting & Period Inspired Home Goods
(ShopifyPlus) ReturnLogic Customer: Darn Good Yarn
Darn Good Yarn
Gorgeous Ethical Yarns & Fabrics
ReturnLogic Customer: Genuine People
Genuine People
Creators of Bold New Fashion Trends
(ShopifyPlus) Return Logic Customer: Ana Ono
Mastectomy Bras & Breast Reconstruction Lingerie
ReturnLogic Customer: Baublebar
Accessories That Make The Outfit
(ShopifyPlus) ReturnLogic Customer: The Reset
The Reset
Timeless & Essential Apparel


Seamlessly integrate ReturnLogic with the tools and platforms you use to run your business.

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Start Optimizing Your Strategy

Turn returns into a profit center that drives bottom line growth and customer satisfaction.

Be proactive and let's tackle Shopify product returns together. 

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