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Shopify Returns,
Done Right.

Reinvent your store's post-purchase workflow with hassle free returns, one-click returns management, and powerful business analytics.

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Returns Management Software for Shopify Retailers | ReturnLogic

Returns Management Software for Shopify's Best Brands

We're proud to work with Shopify's most innovative and game changing brands

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Built for Shopify Retailers Who Want Better Returns

Hassle free returns for shoppers, time saving automation for your customer success and operations team, and advanced analytics for your management team.


Automated Returns & Exchanges

Increase customer retention by providing your shoppers with a seamless and hassle free returns experience that's completely tailored to your brand and policies.

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Save hundreds of hours managing returns

Our solution works with your existing workflows and policies to give you complete visibility, control, and time saving automation over your returns process.

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Leverage returns data to optimize your business

Use insights gathered from returns data to improve your brand's marketing, products, and ultimately skyrocket your customer lifetime value.

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Hassle free returns for your shoppers, easy to manage for your team.

Give your shoppers a seamless and fully automated self-service returns & exchanges experience that fits your brand, workflows, and policies.

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Perfect for your warehouse and operations team.

Save hundreds of hours processing returns & exchanges with powerful automations that map to your company's existing workflows and processes.

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Shopify Product Returns Automation

Leverage returns data to boost profits

Make data based decisions to optimize your products, workflows, business tactics, and ultimately improve customer retention and lifetime value.

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Product return analytics and data

Returns Management, Everything You Need:

Our platform gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage returns and exchanges 

Self-Service Product Returns Portal


Self-Service Returns Portal

Shoppers can start returns and print labels without ever involving customer service.

Fully Automated Exchanges for Shopify Retailers


Fully Automated Exchanges

Save the sale with a seamless swap for a product variant, or even a completely different product.

Complete Control


Complete Control

Customize your return policy and return rules to fit your exact needs and workflows.

Brand Customization


Brand Customization

A fully branded experience for your shoppers, with custom styling and logos.

Inventory Management


Inventory Management 

Give your operations team the power to easily process returns and assign them to proper dispositions. 

Smart Data Collection


Smart Data Collection

Require photos and explanations of why an item is being returned, based on rules set by your policy and products.



One-Click Returns Processing

Empower your team to quickly review, edit, and approve return and exchange requests within seconds.

Pinpoint Return Analytics


Pinpoint Analytics

Highly detailed and actionable data about your products and shoppers to reduce your return rate and improve retention.

3PL & ERP Integrations


3PL & ERP Integrations

Simple connection to your preferred inventory management and logistics platforms.

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