A Bottom-To-Top Approach to Returns Prevention

Whether you're a small or medium-size retailer, we all know that returns, no matter how friction-less the returns process is, is still damaging to the customer experience. Having to return a product is just downright disappointing, whether the reason is quality, size, damage or just not what your customer ordered. If this happens too often, your customers begin to look elsewhere. And when that happens, you begin to lose customers. And that’s the last thing you want.

Our end-to-end approach is one that looks at returns from the bottom up. We call it The Returns Prevention Hierarchy of Needs.
It's a three-step process that all retailers need to master in order to optimize returns, reduce churn and keep profits where
they should be, on the bottom line. 

An End-To-End Returns Solution You Will Love

We made sure our product, ReturnAlytics, is easy to setup, simple to use, and seamless to your customers so you can deliver a better returns experience while having the tools to improve operational efficiency, reduce returns, reduce churn, all while enhancing your customer lifetime value and your bottom line. Want to get started?

Returns orignate™

Configured to integrate with Shopify, Zendesk, FedEx and more, you can now automate the customer returns process through a seamless interface while collecting returns data critical to future returns prevention.

Returns Collector™

Streamline your physical returns receiving process through integration and automation. Quickly access returns, provide additional insights, initiate refunds and prepare for disposition.

Returns IQ™

By consolidating all of you returns data, you can now identify toxic products, customers, and even vendors to immediately take action and resolve to reduce returns up to 10X faster.


Benefits To Your Operations

Save hours of manually wrangling data and building pivot tables.

Identify defects in the supply chain that cause returns, 10x faster.

Distribute critical insights to key decision makers.


Quickly identify problematic products with corrective insights.


Benefits To Your Business

Make smarter sourcing decisions by avoiding underperforming products and/or vendors.

Happier customers who return fewer products.

Reduced churn and an improved bottom line.


Know exactly what products you should not sell. 


Used by Some of the Hottest Brands in Retail

Return Logic is already helping brands rethink their approach to returns management, and has had rave reviews from customers
since day one. Our first customers are still loyal advocates who can't imagine life without ReturnLogic. 

As an ecommerce professional, there are few places that we can invest financial resources and achieve a 100% ROI. The Return Logic platform is one of those places.
— Jason Willitts, CEO Quipt.com

"Within the first month of using ReturnLogic, we identified a defect in packaging of one of our products that was resulting in nearly
100% return rate and costing us $2000 a month. We were able to quickly rectify the problem, which had been going on for months. Now we rely on Return Logic to surface issues before they become costly errors."