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Why Retailers Choose ReturnLogic Over Narvar.

  • Deeper integration with Shopify.
  • No onboarding fees. Better support.
  • Advanced returns analytics and reporting.

Narvar is built for tracking, not Shopify returns.

We won’t deny it, Narvar has built a great post-purchase tracking tool. If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to handle tracking and returns, Narvar is a safe bet.

However, if you want to make returns easy for your shoppers and your team, you need a returns management platform with an intuitive interface and a seamless Shopify integration.

See how ReturnLogic
compares to Narvar.

The little things matter.

Want to be able to edit a return? How about seeing a return order within Shopify? You can with ReturnLogic, but not Narvar. While those may seem like minor details, your team will notice the difference in visibility right away.

Want to pay thousands for an implementation fee?

We wouldn’t either.

Returns are expensive enough, don’t waste additional dollars by paying for something that should be free.

With ReturnLogic, we’ll get you up and running in a few hours and be there for you anytime.

Calculating a Return
Computing the total cost of a return can get complicated.
Excited african man customer receive good parcel open cardboard box at home satisfied with great purchase, happy black male consumer unpack package look inside overjoyed by postal shipping delivery

The best return is one that never happens.

The most profitable path to growth is by unifying returns data sources and optimizing return costs.

With ReturnLogic’s advanced analytics and reporting, retailers can finally find out why returns are happening, and what they can do about it.

Ready to transform how your team manages returns?

Speak to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

It saves us a substantial amount of time vs previous companies we have worked with! The customer service and analytics are very helpful and something that wasn’t available with our previous system
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