Exchanges Just Got Easier for Shoppers and Retailers

Exchanges can make or break your relationships with customers. A fast and easy exchange process can lead to higher retention, average order value, and lifetime value. A slow and challenging exchange process can have the opposite effect and lead to a customer never buying again.  

Simply put, 96% of shoppers would buy from a retailer again based on an easy return experience. That’s why we’ve re-imagined exchanges in ReturnLogic.  

A simple choice:   

Instead of scrolling through a merchant’s entire product catalog, shoppers now get a choice when they initiate an exchange: quickly exchange for a new size/color/variant or use menu options (product categories) to easily search through more products from your shop.  

Choose a New Variant

The online shopping experience has made huge strides in recent years, but sometimes colors just aren’t what the shopper expected, or the sizing is off, or the customer may even get the wrong product altogether.   

Not to mention, 41% of people buy variants of a product knowing they’ll return an item. 

So, what can you do?  

Make it as convenient as possible for shoppers to swap out the wrong variant for the right one. 

However, just because a shopper finds the right variant to exchange for, doesn’t mean they’re done shopping… 

Full Catalog Exchange 

Full catalog exchanges can work in two ways.  

First, they can entice shoppers to discover the rest of the products your shop has to offer while finalizing their exchange.  

Second, much like in grocery stores, it’s a final chance for you to nudge shoppers to add one more item to their cart before checking out. Instead of gum or Chapstick, it’s any item your store has to offer.  

How can you help shoppers search through every item your store offers quickly and easily?  

With menu options, product categories, and a search bar.  

The goal for both full catalog and new variant exchanges is the same – to turn a frustrated customer turning into a satisfied customer.