Create Loyal Customers With An Omni-Channel Return Policy

Returns are part of retail. There’s no getting around that fact. With the massive changes to the retail landscape caused by the internet over the last 10 years, retailers have adjusted the way they manage returns.  

Increasingly, consumers are expecting flexibility and immediacy when purchasing a product. These consumers are now expecting the same immediacy and flexibility with returns.  

Thus, developing an omnichannel return policy should be a top priority for any retailer that wants fast problem resolution and multiple return options.  

A positive experience for a customer with a return starts with clear communication of policies and access to information. Consumers want to know the rules and steps of a return. Making it difficult for the customer to access this basic information will often sour a customer’s experience more deeply than needing to make the return did in the first place.  

Customers also expect options for how to make a return.  

Did the customer purchase online? The customers may want the option to return it to a brick-and-mortar store.  

How about making a return on a store purchase by sending it back? As complicated as that may be, there needs to be a simple process for customers to print return shipping labels.  

Can returns be made across the border? A customer may purchase an item in Canada but need to return it in the U.S. when they get home.  

Ensure all the options are clear and easy to find on your website, which is the first place people will look.  

Also, keep an eye on social media. Many consumers will go straight to Facebook or Twitter to express frustration with a product. Be helpful to clients at this point of crisis and make the return process work smoothly for them. 

Your customers will reward you with repeat sales.   

Image credit: joepopp

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