Automate your Ecommerce Returns the Smart Way

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No one likes ecommerce returns.

They’re a hassle for the shopper who just wants their product, refund, or store credit. They’re no fun for your operations and customer service teams who quickly become overwhelmed with manual tasks.

The result is an inefficient process, frustrated customers, and lost revenue.

By adding precise automation to your ecommerce returns process, you can process returns instantly. You can save hours per week, restock returned products faster, and ensure a smooth customer experience.

But automating everything can open you up to returns fraud.


Avoid Ecommerce Automation Overload


More automation is not always better. That’s especially true with returns, since there is a good deal of business logic and exceptions involved.

If an automated task does not appropriately reflect your needs, or the circumstances of a particular case, then it is simply replicating an unwanted outcome.

Some return solutions simply process all returns as soon as they are created. But this will expose your business to returns fraud, without giving you the ability to identify fraudulent returns.

We know you may want to more closely inspect certain returns. With ReturnLogic, you can process these separate from automated returns, so that you have the individual visibility you need.


Automate Ecommerce Returns with Precise Control


Your business is unique, and so is your returns process. You have distinct return policies, workflows, and needs that set you apart from other merchants.

That’s why ReturnLogic features precise automation, that gives you control over which returns are automated, as well as what is automated.

Maybe you want exchanges to be processed automatically, but not refunds. Or perhaps you want all returns to be processed automatically, but only once they have been authorized by your team. 

With ReturnLogic, you can implement powerful automations while maintaining control and visibility over your returns.


A Better Ecommerce Returns Process


Automatic returns processing is just part of a better returns workflow.

Automation helps you save time; precise automation saves time and allows for the control and visibility that you need.

A faster returns process will yield serious cost savings, quicker product turnaround, and happier customers.

If you want to see how ReturnLogic can streamline your return workflows, schedule a time to speak with a returns expert.

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