5 Steps to Create a Return Shipping Label in Shopify

Shopify enables you to sell online to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It empowers your business to truly compete with the ecommerce giants.

But, as you may know, not every online purchase turns out as planned. Returns are a natural, healthy and essential aspect of ecommerce.

Maybe the issue was related to sizing, color, style, functionality, or whatever else. Regardless, without an automated returns portal, you will need to start a return in order to generate a return shipping label for the customer.


How to Create a Return Shipping Label in Shopify


  1. From the admin page in your Shopify account, navigate to Orders.
  2. Select the order you wish to refund, and click Return items. If the order is archived, this is where you would unarchive it.
  3. Then, enter the quantity of each item from the order that will be returned.
  4. Select the appropriate Return shipping option (in this case, we want to create a return label):
    1. Choose Create return label to generate a return shipping label for the customer. Shopify only allows this option if both your main location and the customer’s shipping address are within the United States.
    2. You can also choose Enter tracking information if shipment has already taken place, and you have the Tracking number and Shipping carrier.
    3. Or, you could choose No return shipping if you would like to create a return without shipping.
  5. Finally, click Create return. If you selected the Create return label option, you will be instructed to send the label.


The process is simple enough; it only takes a minute or two. But as your business grows, and returns pile up, this manual returns process will not be viable.

At some point, you will need to implement a form of returns software to help your team and to create a better experience for your customers.


Returns done Right


Returns are a perfectly natural part of any ecommerce business.

In order for a customer to send a product back, they will need a return shipping label. You can certainly generate a return shipping label within Shopify.

But, this is not the most efficient or frictionless option. And for that, return apps and return solutions, like ReturnLogic, are here to help.

ReturnLogic helps ecommerce brands streamline their returns process, and create a smooth experience for customers.

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