ReturnLogic Expands Warranty Return Features for Ecommerce Retailers

Returns Management Software Provider Extends Warranty Functionality for eCommerce Retailers to Automate, Gain Visibility and Optimize their Returns and Operations.


ReturnLogic, a leader in returns management software (SaaS) solutions for Shopify retailers and e-commerce brands, announced today the launch of their new warranty features. These features allow retailers to automate warranty requests for items that are in-stock and even out-of-stock, giving retailers the potential to upsell, reducing customer service labor hours, and improving the customer experience, retention, and overall lifetime value.

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ReturnLogic’s expanded warranty feature enables retailers to keep exchanges, returns, and warranties all in one place – in a single workflow. Merchants can resolve warranty claims faster, ensure legitimate return requests, and improve the customer experience.

“Customers want the same returns experience whether it’s an exchange, store credit, or a warranty request,” says Peter Sobotta, CEO of ReturnLogic. “Until now, retailers were forced to separate warranty return requests from other return types, which causes friction for shoppers, wastes time for customer support reps, and ultimately eats into profits and erodes customer loyalty for e-commerce store owners. With our new warranty returns features, retailers can accept warranty requests from third-parties (3PW) like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc., and can even manage warranty requests for out-of-stock items,” continued Sobotta. “This release is a natural progression for our product roadmap as we aim to empower Shopify retailers to reach their fullest potential by automating and optimizing their product returns, warranties, and reverse logistics processes.”

With Expanded Warranties, retailers can now set up separate workflows for in-stock and out-of-stock items.

Depending on inventory levels, shoppers have several different outcomes:

  1. The item is in stock, and a shopper can get an exact replacement.
  2. The item is out-of-stock, and the shopper has the option to shop for a full catalog replacement (an upsell opportunity similar to a full catalog exchange but for warranties).
  3. The item is out-of-stock, and the retailer wants to oversell anyway.
  4. The item is out-of-stock, and the retailer offers the option to contact them right then and there.
third-party warranites

Retail returns continue to plague e-commerce merchants. According to the NRF, online sales accounted for $1.05 trillion in U.S. retail sales last year, and approximately $218 billion of that was returned. Separating warranties from other return types makes things even more costly and time-consuming. With ReturnLogic’s warranty feature, retailers have another tool to help get a grasp and optimize all return types – not just exchanges.

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