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Learn how you can easily process third-party warranty returns.

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Standardize your workflows

Keep your exchanges, returns, and warranties in one place.

Standardize a single workflow for exchanges, returns, and warranties from your website – and even orders from your third-party partners such as Amazon and eBay.

Save time and money

By incorporating third party warranty claims into returns management, you can bypass the back-and-forth communication, manual tasks, and enormous investments.

Better customer experiences

Customers are empowered to start a warranty claim whenever and wherever they want. And the best part is they won’t even need to contact your team.

Flexible workflows

You can either follow the same workflow or an entirely different workflow for these returns. It’s up to you!

Ensure legitimate return requests

Brands have the ability to require proof of purchase, in the form of a picture of the receipt from the customer. Now, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent third party warranty claims.

Increase your marketing lists

When a customer submits a warranty claim, a new customer profile is added to your account. Now it’s time to develop the customer relationship and drive repeat purchases.

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Re-market to customers who have registered their products and solve claims quicker than ever before.
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Make third-party warranty returns a breeze.

The only Returns Management Platform to support warranties from your online shop and from your 3rd party partners.