Videos and video resources

Video Resources

Giving your shoppers a world-class Shopify returns experience is expected.

Learn everything you need to know about ecommerce returns, watch actual product walkthrough videos, and more!

What You Need To Know About Ecommerce Returns

Educational videos to keep you up to date on trends, best practices, and everything ecommerce to help provide your shoppers with a great returns experience.

Product Walkthrough Videos

Actual product walkthrough videos of the ReturnLogic platform to give you a sneak peak into some of the amazing features we have to offer.

Returns Optimization 101

In this free course, you’ll learn the secrets to:

  • – Streamlining your returns workflow so you can save 40+ hours each week
  • – Drive exchanges and less refunds so you can keep more cash in your business and create a great shopper experience.
  • – Analyzing returns data to gather product insights so you can dramatically reduce your return rate.
  • – Enhance your ecommerce website using insights from returns so you can generate more sales and less returns in the future.

Coffee & Commerce Videos

Coffee & Commerce is a series of fireside chats hosted by the ReturnLogic team to connect ecommerce storeowners together through casual discussions. Guests include some of the best and brightest in the business—talking about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s new in ecommerce.