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Free Mini-Course: Learn How to Grow Your Shopify Store Using Returns Data

Discover the Secrets to Growing Your Shopify Store with Returns Data

Returns Management is one of the most complex and pervasive challenges in ecommerce.  

Returns cost you sales, slow down your operations, and can result in a negative customer experience. But you can move the needle.

This course provides a framework for ecommerce retailers, so you can effectively navigate from information to insights and make real improvements to your business. 

In this free mini-course, you'll learn the secrets to:

  • Streamlining your returns workflow so you can save 40+ hours each week
  • Drive exchanges and less refunds so you can keep more cash in your business and create a great shopper experience.
  • Analyzing returns data to gather product insights so you can dramatically reduce your return rate.
  • Enhance your ecommerce website using insights from returns so you can generate more sales and less returns in the future.

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Welcome to Returns Optimization 101. 


The Problem

No one likes returns. Not the shopper and not the merchant. They're expensive and labor intensive to process. They eat up inventory and create accounting headaches.

But what can be done?

The Goal

Returns are to be expected in a healthy ecommerce business and can be a positive aspect of the shopper experience when handled the right way. Smart ecommerce brands view returns as a customer retention investment and use each encounter to draw closer to their shoppers.

The Result

Returns Optimization is the practice of continuous improvement strategies that use Returns Data to enhance the shopper experience, improve operational efficiency, and grow profits. In this course you'll learn how to harvest actionable insights from your returns data that can be used to draw closer to your shoppers and grow your store.

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the 3rd Purchase
If Return > 5 Days
Never Buy Again
“I want to promote sales that stick. Our real ROAS is only determined when we take a deep look at our returns data and use that to inform our marketing strategy."

Howard Sheer

CEO @ Ecru


Course Overview:

Episode 1: Course Overview

Welcome to Returns Optimization 101! To get started, we discuss the role of returns in ecommerce, introduce the concept of Returns Optimization, and highlight some real-life examples.

Episode 2: Designing Success

Just like great products start with good materials, great insights begin with quality data. We present the basic priorities for data, so you can make the most of Returns Optimization.

Episode 3: Streamlining Your Returns Workflow

Effective operations are the foundation of the customer experience. With detailed visibility into return statuses, you can alleviate current bottlenecks and improve your returns process.

Episode 4: What is a Return?

Our understanding of returns in ecommerce is often distorted by misconceptions. We clarify several common fallacies, and offer a basic principle for you to more effectively address returns in your business.

Episode 5: Shifting Away from Refunds

Many retailers want less refunds and more exchanges. But in reality, that can be easier said than done. We introduce Candra Fried, the lead UI/UX engineer at ReturnLogic, who reframes the shopper's decision as a matter of trust and simplicity.

Episode 6: Investigating Your Return Rate

Return rates are volatile and are influenced by a variety of factors. We cover several primary benchmarks, equipping you to evaluate your product's return rates.

Episode 7: Examining Return Reasons

Return reasons provide an excellent summary of why products are returned. With a logical flow of analyses, you can quickly gather high-level insights.

Episode 8: Navigating Return Comments

Return comments carry immensely valuable feedback. But, it's no easy task to extract insights from these open-ended comments at scale. We introduce a powerful tool to help you uncover and explore issues mentioned by your shoppers.

Episode 9: Enhancing Your Website

Information and fulfillment are two primary spheres of the purchase experience. By more aptly shaping the shopper's perception of a product, you can enable more confident purchase decisions and prevent returns before they occur.

Episode 10: Optimizing Your Returns

We recap and combine the topics covered throughout the course. With quality data, and a logical flow of analyses, you can drive real bottom-line growth in your business.


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