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Logistical Challenges of Omnichannel Returns
While a great way to increase customer retention, omnichannel returns also creates logistical and operational challenges for retailers.
sustainability in retail

How can outdoor retailers support returns?

  • Leverage returns data to improve products and optimize return rates
  • Focus on inefficiencies in reverse logistics
  • Consider implementing resale programs or donating return items to charities for those in need.

Know who your most profitable shoppers are

Go beyond comparing yourself to industry averages. Discover powerful analytics that validate what returns processes and strategies are best for YOUR business.

Consumers buy from sustainable brands

  • 76% of Americans said that they would actually switch their preferred brand if they were offsetting carbon emissions
  • Roughly 75% of the time, a return is within a merchant’s control

Plug into your existing systems with prebuilt integrations

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