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ShipBob is a global omni-fulfillment solution (3PL) trusted by 7,000+ brands to ship orders from everywhere their customers’ shop.

The ReturnLogic integration with ShipBob allows you to automatically create a return within ShipBob each time a return is initiated in ReturnLogic. Schedule a demo to learn more about our Beta program.

ShipBob and ReturnLogic
Excited african american man customer receive good parcel open cardboard box at home satisfied with great purchase, happy black male consumer unpack package look inside overjoyed by postal shipping delivery
Reduce errors with a shipbob integration into ReturnLogic

Improve Accuracy & Reduce Errors

Seamlessly integrate with ShipBob to know the real-time status of every return so no information slips through the cracks.

Automate Your Workflows

Save time and operational costs with a fully integrated returns management solution.

Automate your return process with an integrated returns solution.
Increase customer satisfaction with faster shipping, thanks to ShipBob.

Make Customers Happier

Speed up your customers’ returns process, and give them the most up-to-date information on their return status.

Learn More About Our Integration With ShipBob

See for yourself how integrating ShipBob into your ReturnLogic platform can improve your returns experience for everyone.

Returns visibility for warehouse and operations teams