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Why Retailers Choose ReturnLogic Over
Loop Returns.

  • Exchange discounts eat into profits.
  • We strive to make returns easy for YOU, the merchant.
  • You’ll receive lifetime support, all plans include all features. No add-ons.

Women on her phone understanding return metrics.

Exchanges are great for retention, but discounts can destroy margins.

Let’s give credit where credit’s due. If you’re looking to upsell customers who want to return something, Loop Returns is a great tool. Giving shoppers a small discount to choose an exchange can be a powerful motivator.  

However, if you’re looking to deter refunds and protect your profits, discounts won’t cut it. You need a strategy, not a tactic. You need Shopify returns management and returns optimization.  

ReturnLogic Software showing 2 out of 3 items being returned.

See how ReturnLogic
compares to Loop Returns

Man delivering a package that is an exchange for a sunglass order.

Want to be more profitable? Look beyond exchanges.

More exchanges and fewer refunds are great. Fewer returns are even better… and better for your bottom line.

The problems with being exchange-focused. For shoppers:
  • Confused shoppers who are forced to use their exchange credit on the spot or lose it. 
  • Annoyed customer support reps who have to explain to shoppers why their discount isn’t working. 
  • Smart shoppers who realize they can game the system and get free discounts. 
  • The best shoppers, who return the most product, get blocked. 
For teams:
  • Warehouse teams don’t know what to do with the returned item. 
  • Unused gift cards and discounts mess up accounting and finance teams. 
  • Not good for the environment, at all. 
  • The number of exchanges you get is a vanity metric and doesn’t tell you anything about your bottom line. 

What’s the alternative? Returns optimization.

Our approach to growth is different from the competition. The key to growth is not exchanges but returns optimization.

Returns optimization focuses on improving the returns process, reducing return rates, streamlining operations, and increasing a customer’s lifetime value.

  Why returns optimization:
  1. Fewer returns, overall.  
  2. Customer Support teams fly through their tasks. 
  3. Warehouse and Ops teams know the status, location, and condition of each return. 
  4. Management and Executives know the impact returns have on their bottom line and no vanity metrics. 
  5. Both economic-proof and better for the environment. 
  6. Happy accounting teams. 
  7. Applicable to any products, not just apparel.  
  8. Includes a majorly underserved market – warranty returns. 
2 employees reading return data with ReturnLogic's software showing most returned items.
Women employee on the phone with partners supporting.

We won’t ghost you just because you’ve signed a contract.

ReturnLogic offers the best live support around. But don’t just take it from us.

“Quick response, even when I was slow. Answered my question with clarity and professionalism, and even offered to put in a request for changes! Keep up the great work!”

  • Ryan Smith, goodr™️

Ready to transform the way your team manages returns?

Speak to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

Great support, strong reporting. Easy to use and train employees on features within the system. We are able to analyze returns by product category, individual products, or even by customer. Very robust system
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