We are Driven to Save Our Customers from the Affliction of Needlessly Returned Merchandise. 


If this sounds passionate, you heard right. After founding several successful businesses, our co-founder, Peter, turned his attention to a problem that had nearly killed one of his own businesses: e-Commerce returns. 

As a logistics guy and a serial entrepreneur, he realized quickly the unmet need for a platform to reduce returns. So he brought some super smart people together with one collective vision.  Solve the returns problem with data science. From day one, our customers have been thrilled.

And that makes us thrilled. 

What Gets Us Fired Up? 

HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Whether it's our customers (you) or your customers, each one should be delighted with the personalized service they receive.

GETTING IT RIGHT. We don't stop until we nail it. And we always deliver.

CONNECTING THE DOTS. Returns are a problem that spans silos, and so does our solution.

FINDING WIN-WIN-WIN. There's no need for compromise when you can find a solution where everyone benefits.