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Giving Your Shoppers a World-Class Shopify Returns Experience is Expected.

See the impact that other direct-to-consumer brands have experienced using ReturnLogic to power their returns management process.

Reduce Ecommerce  Returns Processing Time | GUNAS Case Study

GUNAS Cuts Return Processing Time from 14 Days to Just 3 Days Using ReturnLogic

Learn how GUNAS cut their ecommerce return processing time from 14 days to just 3 days and increase the average exchange cart value using ReturnLogic.

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JOLYN Increases Return Process Efficiency by 900%, Increased Store Credit Requests to 30%

This increased efficiency means that the return experience as a whole is shorter for the customer, and JOLYN can restock inventory far sooner than before. A 100% win-win scenario. This leads to happier customers and less inventory locked up in transit.

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Improve Ecommerce Returns Workflow | Jofit Case Study

Jofit Cuts Return Processing Time by 10X, Increases Visibility between Customer Service & Warehouse Teams, and Improves Products with Returns Data

Jofit has simplified their returns workflow, increased visibility between teams, sped up the exchange process, and improved products with Returns Data.

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Ecru Reduced Their Return Rate by 9% and Cuts Multi-Size Purchases by 15%

Learn how the Ecru team utilizes returns data to make regular optimizations to their product descriptions, sizing charts, Facebook Ad strategy, and product sourcing decisions.

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Shopify Returns Management Solution for Custom and Handmade Products

Darn Good Yarn Saves 40+ Hours Weekly and Delivers a Premium Shopper Experience

Thanks to ReturnLogic, Darn Good Yarn's return rate fell by more than half, a quarter of returns for refunds were shifted to exchanges, the time to process returns was reduced from days to seconds, and Darn Good Yarn was ultimately retaining more of its valued customers thanks to efficient processing and new insights into their business.

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Shopify Returns Management for Apparel Brands

Alp-n-Rock Transforms It's Returns Process to Boost Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

ReturnLogic transformed Alp-n-Rock's returns process, decreasing the return rate, drastically reducing the hours involved in the returns process, and establishing consistent return policy enforcement.

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C-IN2 Takes Control of Returns Process, Leverages Data to Grow Profits

C-IN2 is a men's clothing brand that specializes in premium underwear, designed for comfort, performance, and aesthetics. But their returns workflow lacked this drive for performance, until C-IN2 found a great fit with ReturnLogic.

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Squid Socks Saves Hours per Week and Dramatically Reduces Customer Complaints

“Our customers love it. They like the ability to start a return on their own, and not have to go back-and-forth with us. We used to get weekly or even daily complaints about returns. Now we don't get any."

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