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Big Problems need
Big Solutions

ReturnLogic welcomes the BigCommerce Family

Complex Returns? High Cost? Manual Process? We've got you covered with ReturnLogic.

Returns Matter

A simplified return solution can build brand loyalty. Keeping an existing customer is 5X cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Make ReturnLogic a Part Of Your Team

Your team can now save time by seamlessly integrating ReturnLogic into your BigCommerce app store, for a comprehensive return solution.

With a fully customizable solution, ReturnLogic simplifies even the most complex task.

Observe and Automate

With ReturnLogic, you now control the return process. With data, your team can highlight key trends within your return metrics, providing data driven decisions to grow your business.

Win at the Returns Game

By combining a frictionless customer experience and insights,
you can simplify the experience from customer to warehouse.