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ReturnLogic Now Available on BigCommerce

ReturnLogic offers a tailored returns system for BigCommerce brands, enhancing post-purchase processes, revenue retention, and customer loyalty in a user-friendly platform.

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands:

Talk to a Returns Expert

"Before implementing ReturnLogic on our BigCommerce CMS, managing returns at LA Police Gear was a time-consuming process that ate up valuable hours. Now, thanks to the super user-friendly interface of ReturnLogic, our team completes returns and exchanges in under an hour a day. This significant time savings has allowed us to redirect resources to other crucial areas of our business. It's not just about the efficiency; it's about having the flexibility to invest our efforts where they matter most."

-LA Police Gear

Optimize Your Shoppers'
Return Experience

Enhance your customers' satisfaction by providing them with a convenient and stress-free returns process.
Enable shoppers to effortlessly initiate returns themselves using a self-service returns portal integrated directly into your BigCommerce store.

Effortless Automation for Returns

Streamline your operations and free up your team from the tedious task of manually processing returns. Embrace automation by allowing customers to initiate returns via your dedicated returns portal. Returns can be swiftly approved or declined in alignment with your BigCommerce store's returns policy.

Enhance Your BigCommerce Store with Return Insights

Utilize ReturnLogic to gather valuable returns data, offering you insights into the reasons behind customer returns. Leverage this information to make well-informed decisions on enhancing your products and post-purchase experience on BigCommerce.

Simplify Returns and Tracking Across All Types

Effortlessly monitor the progress and condition of returns, exchanges, and warranty claims from all sources within a single platform. This encompasses items bought through third-party sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, and more.