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Harness the power of return analytics.

Our platform helps Shopify retailers reduce their return rate, improve products, and boost customer lifetime value.

SKU level insights

Identify specific return reasons including sizing, quality, and defects for products and their variants.

Returns impact

Get important high level metrics that show you the true financial impact of returns on your business

Category analysis

Uncover informative trends across product groupings.

Exportable data

Downloadable returns data available in CSV, JSON, and EXCEL formats.

Customer scoring

Find out who your under performing and best performing customers are.

Actionable insights

Explore detailed feedback from your shoppers to make immediate changes to reduce your return rate and boost customer retention.

Optimize your business.

Make improvements to your products, design, and online storefront based on actionable returns data and feedback from shoppers.

Get ahead of returns and exchanges.

Take a peek into the future by using product returns history and trends to identify problems in your processes and products.

Increase profits. Grow your brand.

By optimizing your products and workflows using returns data you get a clearer picture of who your best customers are, and what they need.