Customize the Returns Center - Gift Returns

Would you like to customize the Returns Center?

Click Here to access the Returns Center Customization settings for Gift Returns or navigate to Settings > Originate > Configure > Customize > Returns Center.  If using the provided link you will still need to click the "Returns Center" tab and click on the page arrow until you reach "Gift Returns" to access the correct screen.

gift card1

This is the page that your customer will see if the they are returning a gift. This is an alternative page for a customer to start a return. 

gift returns

The information included on this screen is as follows:

Gift Card

  • Title
  • Instructions
  • Order Number Prompt
  • Order Number Label
  • Postal Code Prompt
  • Postal Code Label
  • Name Prompt
  • Name Label
  • Email Prompt
  • Email Label
  • Start Button
  • Standard Return Link
  • Not Found Message
  • Details Section- Customize the html for the details section that will appear below the gift return prompt.