Returns Center Customization and Styling


The ReturnLogic platform utilizes two common frameworks to allow dynamic customization and branding capabilities for your Returns Center. Bootstrap 3 provides the layout and styling mechanisms to easily mimic your store theme while FontAwesome provides a large library of icons that can be used to add contextual references in key areas. Additionally, small snippets of Javascript can be introduced to modify certain behaviors of the Returns Center. The customization page can be found at



The image file (company logo) that you want to use to represent your brand on the returns page. The logo is used by default in the header and also in the email/notification templates (unless otherwise overridden). 


Each step of the Returns Center can be modified to use language that best represents your brand. Pages can be navigated by using the navigation window on the customizations page. Some content utilizes variable injection tags (denoted by the % symbol) that will input dynamic content such as user emails or dates. 


Click on any of the following pages for more information:

Custom Fonts

Custom fonts can be included from any web service that provides a linking mechanism to the desired font library. The ReturnLogic platform currently supports two font styles; a major font (usually used for headings) and a minor font (usually used for content). Font styles can be included by copying the font link (i.e. <link href="" rel="stylesheet">) and pasting it into the "Custom Font" inputs. The font can be applied to specific tags and css selector by applying the font-family style in the "Custom CSS" section.

Header Html 

By default, the header (or navigation bar) will simply display the logo that you upload as part of the customization options.

The header can be updated to match that of your store with a small amount of html and CSS classes provided by the Bootstrap framework. A detailed overview of the Bootstrap navigation bar can be found here. Advanced features such as dropdown menus, custom javascript and mobile menus are enabled by default as well. 

Additionally, a ReturnLogic header example can be found here.

Javascript Snippet

Returns Center customizations support including small snippets of Javascript to empower sales analytics, chat support and a variety of other tools. Simply copy and paste your snippet into the "Javascript Snippet" input.

Custom Css

The entire Returns Center layout and theme can be customized by using CSS selectors provided by the Bootstrap framework and additional CSS classes utilized by the platform. Advanced theming will require an understanding of the Bootstrap framework. A simple example for modifying button colors and the starting background image can be found here.

Details Section

The Details Section can be customized to display the steps required to complete the returns process or to denote any specific policies or restrictions that may apply. A multi column format may be implemented by utilizing the Bootstrap framework and individual steps can be numbered with the FontAwesome library. An example illustrating both techniques can be found here.