ReturnLogic Shopify API Request - Creating a Store Integration

After you create an account with ReturnLogic via the link that was emailed, log in and you will be ready for the initial setup. Creating a Store Integration is Step 1.

ReturnLogic requires an API Key, API Password and Example URL from Shopify. This can be created by logging into your shopify admin account and following the proceeding steps:

1. Click on Apps in the side menu.

2. Scroll down and click on Manage Private Apps.        


3. Click the hyperlink titled, Create a new Private App.           

4. Provide the app name and email:
Private app name: ReturnLogic                                                                                     
Contact email:      



5. In the "Admin API" select: Review disabled Admin API permissions.           


6. Provide the following permissions and click "Save" at the top of the screen.   

  1. Orders, transactions and fulfillments - Read and Write
  2. Products, variants and collections - Read and Write
  3. Price rules - Read and Write
  4. Draft orders - Read and Write
  5. Inventory - Read and Write
  6. Script tags in your store’s theme template files - Read and Write
  7. Customer details and customer groups - Read Access
  8. Product information - Read Access
  9. Fulfillment services - Read Access




*Please note that the Shopify Plus Gift Card API is NOT enabled by default. You will need to request this feature from your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager.

****IMPORTANT****You will be directed to a screen displaying the required information: Please copy the API Key, Password and Example url and transmit it securely to:

You are now ready to move on to step 2: ReturnLogic Initial Setup.