How do I Edit Return Types and their Behaviors?

ReturnLogic offers four distinct Return Types: refunds, store credit/gift cards, exchanges and warranties.


Refunds allocate the value of the return to the original payment method(s). If the order was purchased via a split transaction (usually a gift card + credit card), the refund amount will be allocated to the payment methods in the order that they were received. For example, if a gift card was used the refund will be applied to that method in full before being applied to the credit card or other payment methods.

Store Credit/Gift Card

Store Credit/Gift Cards allocate the value of the return to a new gift card which is issued to the customer via the e-commerce store.


Exchanges create a draft order for exchange item(s) that are executed when the RMA is processed.


Warranties create a draft order with the same item in exchange. A 100% discount is then applied to the replacement item.

To edit the behaviors associated with return types navigate here and click on the pencil in the "Actions" column.  The images below offer what types of behaviors and messages can be altered.


Return types can and may be directly linked to the Shipping Type Association


If this is the case for your company, you have the ability to select free shipping, flat fee shipping, customer is responsible for shipping, etc... depending on the return type.  For example, if a customer was to select "exchange" as the return type, your company has the capability to offer them free return shipping but for a customer selecting "refund" you can choose to charge a flat rate return shipping fee.  If Return Types are selected as your company's Shipping Type Association, please refer to the visual directly below. If "Return Reasons" is selected as the "Shipping Type Association" please refer to the bottom image. 


As noted above, if Return Reasons are selected as the shipping type association there will not be a Shipping Type selection.  Instead, shipping type options will be offered in Return Reasons.