How do I Exclude Select Products from being Offered as Exchange Items?

If there are certain items that should not be offered to a customer during an exchange, designate these products in Exchange Product Exclusions.

Exchange Product Exclusion settings can be found in the RL Originate Settings. Click Here or navigate to Settings > Originate > Configure > Policy and follow the steps listed below the image.


1. The first step is to identify any products that should not be offered to the customer during the item selection process for an exchange. Below is an example of what items the customer has to choose from in exchange for their return.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.17.34 PM

2. Open Shopify and click on Products.

3. Scroll through the product list and select an item that should not be included in the exchange catalog. Click on the items title. This will open the product page.

exclusion product selection

4. Once the product page is open scroll down to Tags.

shopify tag

5. Designate a tag name. This can be anything. You can use a pre-existing tag but please be aware that any items containing the tag will not be offered to the customer to choose from during an exchange.

6. Type the tag name into the text field and click Add. In this example, we will be using "RL Exclusion" .

7. Click Save.


8. Repeat steps 3-7 until you are finished tagging all of the items to be excluded.

9. Return back to the Exchange Product Exclusion Settings located in the ReturnLogic platform.

10. Type the designated tag name into the text field. If there is more than one tag name, separate the tags with a coma.

rl exclusion

11. Click Save.

12. Click Publish. Your Exclusions will now not be offered when a customer is selecting an item in return for an exchange.


There is one caveat worth mentioning before you proceed with selecting items to exclude. Any items you exclude, will not be available to your customer as an exchange ...even if they purchased the same item. For instance, I excluded the Kitteh Plane. I had a customer purchase the Kitteh Plane and it was damaged. When this customer tries to exchange this product, it will NOT be available through the returns site. The exchange will need to created manually through "Create an RMA" in Originate. This means the customer will need to contact customer service in order for the same item (Kitteh Plane) to be exchanged.