Deleting Products from your Store

This article advises how and when you can safely delete a product from your store without it negatively impacting ReturnLogic's functionality

ReturnLogic utilizes the product id and variant id for each product variant in the catalog to provide a unique way of identifying the order items in your orders. ReturnLogic catalogs and stores 12 months of your product catalog so that we have the product details for historical products for use in our IQ module. However, deleting a product in your Shopify product catalog can adversely impact the functionality and user experience of the ReturnLogic platform.

Our suggested methodology for managing historical products is to remove the product from existing sales channels to remove it from your store.


Deletion of historical products from your product catalog should only be done after the returns period for the last ordered item has expired.

This can be calculated by : (Last Date of Sale + Return Period) = Acceptable Deletion Date

An example calculation for product X which had a final sale date of 01/01/2018 and a return period of 30 days would be: 01/01/2018 + 30 days = 01/31/2018

Following this practice ensures that the item displays correctly in the customer portal and that the Shopify integrations will function appropriately for any returns generated for this item.