What is an Auxiliary Shipping Label and how do I Enable / Disable it?

Do you want to Fallback to a Standard Shipping Label if Pay on Use Rates are Not Found?

To enable or disable the use of an Auxiliary Shipping Label navigate to settings>originate>config>shipping or Click Here.

What is an Auxiliary Shipping Label?

Whether you are using ReturnLogic's label account or bringing your own, the labeling system utilizes return label generation through your authorized providers. These labels are known as "Pay on Use" labels and your account is not charged until they are scanned. Not all shipping providers accommodate pay on use labels which can lead to a situation where a label may not be generated for your customer.

The ReturnLogic platform will handle this scenario gracefully and display a message for the customer to contact your customer support. An alternative is to enable the "Auxiliary Shipping Label" option. When this option is enabled, the labeling system will generate a standard shipping label "Pay on Creation" that your customer can use to ship their return. These labels are charged to the account when they are created. Any unused labels will be refunded if they are not used within the period dictated by the provider (usually 30 days).

ReturnLogic only invoices for labels that have been scanned and entered a state of "In Transit" in the system regardless of the labelling options that are selected.

Auxillary shipping label