-How do I Adjust an RMA that is currently a Refund, Credit or Warranty into an Exchange?

Do you need to change a refund, warranty or credit into an exchange?

Please take note, if the item has already been "Processed", you will not be able to do this. Once "Processed" is clicked, the return is finalized.

  1. Navigate to the Originate Module.
  2. Type the RMA search criteria into Search Returns.
  3. Click on the RMA number or the magnifying glass for the return you want to adjust.
  4. If the RMA was originally a warranty, you will need to copy the draft order number.
  5. Once the RMA is produced in Originate, click on Actions and select Adjust Return


5. The screen will update and "Originate - Adjust RMA" will appear in the left corner.

6. Click on Return Reason and select Exchange.

7. This will begin the process of starting a draft order in Shopify.

8. Click on Create Draft Order in the right corner.   


9. Click Actions and select Save.

10. Once a draft order is created, the button will change to a order number.     


11. Click on View. This will open the order in Shopify.

12. In Shopify, click on Browse Products and select or type the product name or number that will be sent to the customer in exchange.

13. Click Add to Order. (It's at the bottom of the screen)

14. Click on Save at the top of the screen.     



15. Go back into Originate and click on the  Approved button.

16. Next to "Draft Order", above the numbers column, click Apply Discount


17. If adjustments need to be made to the shipping costs or any discounts, it can be done now.  The "Exchange Discount" and the "Difference" will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, as shown above (circled in green).

18. Finish the exchange by clicking Process and then mark the RMA as processed if all other return types have been processed.