-How to Adjust an RMA (exchange/credit) into a Refund

Do you need to change an exchange or credit into a Refund?

Please take note, if the item has already been "Processed", you will not be able to do this. Once "Processed" is clicked, the return is finalized.

  1. Navigate to the Originate Module or Click Here.
  2. Type the RMA search criteria into the Search Returns field. 
  3. Click on the RMA number or the magnifying glass for the RMA you want to adjust.
  4. Once the RMA is produced in Originate, click on Actions and select Adjust Return.   


5. The screen will update and "Originate - Adjust RMA" will appear in the left corner.

6. Click on Return Reason and select Refund.   



7. Click on Actions and select Save.

8. Please note, the following step will not apply if the original RMA was NOT an exchange.         A new window will appear.  Select Remove Draft. Since there will no longer be an exchange, the draft order is not necessary.     



9. Click on Approved.       



10. Finish the refund by clicking Process.