-How do you Add An Item to an Existing RMA (Collector)?

Was there an extra item returned that wasn't listed on an RMA? Follow these steps to add the product(s) to an existing RMA:

  1. Navigate to the Collector Module.
  2. Scan or type the original RMA into Search Returns.
  3. Click on the RMA number or the magic wand.
  4. When the RMA details are produced click on the Actions button.
  5. Click on Adjust Return.

6. After this is clicked the screen will adjust and will read "Originate-Adjust RMA" at the top.

7. Click on Actions again.

8. This time choose Add RMA Items.     



9. A box will appear that will include all items that were purchased in the order
  *If an item is included from a separate order, see below. 

add items3


10. Check the box next to the additional item(s).

11. Click Add Items.

12. The screen will update and the following information will need to be selected from the drop down menus:  Return Type and the Return Reason.  You may also need to adjust the quantity and add a comment.


13. Once the needed information has been selected, click on the Actions button at the top of the page.

14. Click Save.

15. A green box will appear stating the item was successfully added to the RMA.

* If an item is enclosed in the return from a different order #, a new RMA will need to be generated. To search for an order that included the item, go to the IQ module.  Click on the Customers tab and select Details or Click Here. Alternatively, you can search for the customer's order in Shopify.