How do I Add Return Reasons?

Do you want to create another option for your customer to choose from?

Return reasons are established by your company. By default they are set to the following: Too Big (TB), Too Small (TS), Damage (DM), Quality (QLTY), and Shipping (SP). Return Reasons can be added, edited, and deleted. This can be set up and managed in Originate settings listed under Return Reasons.  To navigate, click on Settings located in the dropdown menu.  Select Originate from the header and click on Return Reasons or Click Here. 

Your company can assign a different shipping method according to the response the customer supplies as to why they are returning an item. For instance, if "Damage" was selected as the return reason, the customer would receive free shipping but if "Quality" was instead chosen, the customer then would have full responsibility for the shipping cost.  (For this specific feature to be enabled, you must have Return Reasons and NOT Return Types selected as the Shipping Type Association.  See the bottom of the page for more details.) 


How to Add a Return Reason:

  1. Click on the Add Reason button in the top, right corner.
rr add 1

rr add2

2. Assign a Reason Code and Reason Description. The Reason Code is usually an abbreviation of the Reason Description, e.g., TS(too small), TB(too big), DM(Damage). 

3. Select a Shipping TypeThis step will only be present if Return Reasons are selected as the *Shipping Type Association.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 3.12.16 PM

Shipping Types are as follows: 

  • Free Shipping - There is no cost to the customer. 
  • Full Deduction - The full shipping amount is subtracted from the refund.
  • No Shipping - The customer is not required to return the item and may keep it or the item has already been received.
  • Customer - The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • Fixed Deduction - A flat shipping fee is subtracted from the refunded amount.

4. Check the box if the Return Reason should be Active. Active- Do you want this return reason to be presented to the customer on the returns portal?

5. Select Yes or No for a required Comment Collection. Require Comment Collection- Does the customer need to leave a comment before proceeding with a return request?

6. Select Yes or No for an optional Customer Image. Customer Image Collection- Do you want the option available to the customer to attach an image of their return? If Yes is clicked, the option of making the image mandatory is presented.

7. If Yes was selected for an optional Customer Image, choose Yes or No if it is required. Require Image Collection- Is an image is required before a customer can proceed with a return.

8. Click Save.

9. Lastly, click Publish in the upper right corner.

*Shipping Type Association

Shipping Type Association (Free ship, Customer, Flat Fee) is determined by either the type of return (refund, credit, exchange) or the reason for the return (damaged, too big, too small, ect...).  It can only be governed by one of these controls. To change or view your Shipping Type Association click here.  For more information regarding shipping type association click here.

  • Return Types - Are based upon the selected return types (Refund, Credit, Exchange) for the items being returned, the applied shipping type will be determined by the return type weighting.
  • Return Reasons - Are based upon the selected return reasons (Too big, Too small, Damaged, Etc.) for the items being returned, the applied shipping will be determined by the return type weighting.