How do I Add Product Rules to Final Sale, Exchange Exclusions and Non-Returnable Items

This articles provides the steps on how to add add Product Rules to SKU's/ Tags/ Categories and in Bulk (i.g., non-returnable items, exchanges only, etc...) It also gives instruction on how to provide a Start Date.

Is there is a Final Sale in your future?  Do you need to stop returns on a specific product or an entire line.  Or do you need to allow only a credit or an exchange to be issued for a certain item?    This can all be managed in the settings portion of ReturnLogic.

Currently, you can NOT make rules for individual SKU’s.  You can however, produce a tag/ category in Shopify for the SKU and then designate a rule for that tag.  Also, you can edit tags in bulk if there are multiple items you want to apply the same product rule to. See below for example steps:

  1. Navigate to Shopify and click on Products.
  2. Select the product. (If you have a bulk list of items, please read the following Shopify help article on editing in bulk: 
  3. Produce a unique tag for the item(s) and click Save. If it is a final sale, you may want the tag to say, "Final Sale".  Anything works. "Cottage" is used in the example below:


4. Navigate to ReturnLogic Settings>Originate> Product Rules or Click Here.

5. Click on Add Rule.


6. Type the newly created tag into the "Find Categories" field and click Go.     



7. Check the box next to the category.

8. Click Next.

9. Select the appropriate Return Types: Credit, Exchange, and/or Refund. (At least one of the return types will need to be checked.  If it is NOT returnable, it can be specified in the following step and whichever one is selected will be null)

10. Select whether or not the category/ tag is returnable.

11. Select if the rule is active.


12. Does this Rule apply to orders after a specific date? Yes? If so, select the Active date.


13. Click Save.