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Automate your Shopify returns process.

Gain visibility into returns, retain complete control of your workflows, and save hundreds of hours.

Track return status

Give your operations team visibility into returns with important shipping status information.

3PL & ERP integrations

Seamlessly connect your inventory management system or logistics provider with ReturnLogic for maximum visibility and efficiency.

Barcode scanner functionality

When your team receives a return, a simple scan is all it takes to update it's status within our software.

Complete control & visibility

Give your team insight into a shopper's entire journey and history, while giving them the ability to make changes to refunds and orders.

Smart inventory management

Make sure products go where they're supposed to, update inventory, and seamlessly sync with Shopify.

Multiple users & permissions

Give your team the tools they need to do their job effectively.

Better returns management.

Give your team complete visibility into the returns process and empower them with control to make adjustments and changes.

Powerful automation.

Seamlessly integrate your existing return workflows and operational platforms such as inventory management platforms, 3PLs, and other logistics services.

Improve efficiency and communication.

Empower your team with better data and automated processes so they can solve the problems that impact your company.