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Improve The Customer Experience By Preventing Returns, Not Just Managing Them

Returns IQ™ analytics software connects all of your data so you can immediately identify problem products and take action by collaborating with your team and other departments. View the most recent issues or see how you are doing globally across product lines and timeframes. No more spending days or weeks creating spreadsheets before you have visibility into your
returns data. Imagine the impact you'll have on the customer experience, not to mention the bottom line..

Identify Returns Issues Immediately

With your customizable home page, you and your team members will be able to see what is most important to you the second you log in. View your most recent problem products from the alerts you've previously set up. Get a quick glimpse of return rates, order volume, defect rate, when alerts were triggered, and return reasons so you can act immediately. You can also check on the status of your tickets (we call them flags) to see if they've been addressed by who they've been assigned to. No more waiting weeks or even months to identify and correct problem products.

My Home Page

My Recent Flags

Individual Product Alerts

Evaluate Individual Products

So now you need to understand more about the products with high returns. With each product, you can view a timeline of just when they are being returned and which orders they are associated with. We pull in your reason codes and all of your flags (including any photos) from your CRM so you can fully understand the reasons behind the returns. You then can create and assign flags to team members to take any corrective action quickly to reduce future returns.

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Product CRM

Product Return Reasons

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Analyze And Resolve

Managing returns as they come in is a great way to stay under control, but we know you want to see how it’s affecting your business globally. Under the “Analyze” dropdown in the upper right, the Dashboard gives you insights into all of your returns and just how much it's affecting your business over time. View return volume by day, week and month so you see when you experience higher than normal return volumes. You can also see a global list of Alerts by category and what department they have been assigned to (RMA, Sourcing…). Viewing Flags let you see in full detail the issue with each product return and even make additional comments. Just another way to keep you and your team on top of every possible returns issue.


Global Alerts

Global Flags

Set-Up Is Quick And Easy

Because we know you have many people on your team that need access to your returns information, we’ve made it super easy
to create users and user groups to provide access to only those areas they need to work in. This keeps the system running smoothly while being able to address your returns issues as quickly as possible. In the upper right, under your icon dropdown,
is where you set this up. We’ve also given you the ability to create Reasons Groups to assign defect categories via our easy
drag-and-drop interface.