With our ReturnAlytics suite of returns management and prevention software, you no longer have to manually manage returns or spend precious hours creating spreadsheets and building pivot tables, only to find the insights you need weeks too late.
Let us do the heavy lifting and show you how to understand, manage and reduce returns. Your customers will thank you, and so will your bottom line. 

Get the returns insights you need to make smarter business decisions.


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Returns OriginatE™

How easy it is for your customers to return a product is the difference between a good experience and one that causes customer to churn. With Returns Originate™ built to integrate seamlessly with Shopify, customers can initiate the returns (or, hopefully and exchange) process right on your website. Begin collecting returns data upfront with an easy to use return request form that allows them to pull up their order, select the product, and select the product-specific reason code(s) for the return or exchange. This creates the RMA and if applicable to your business, creates the return shipping label for your customer.

With Returns Originate™ you also have the ability to offer an exchange or gift card first, helping you “save the sale” as much as possible. This is the first step to, not only managing, but preventing returns, and it’s the foundation your Returns Prevention Hierarchy of Needs is built upon. 


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Now that your returns prevention foundation is built, it’s time to move into the Operations side of returns management. More specifically, the process for physically receiving the returns from your customers.

With our Returns Collector™ (desktop and tablet-based), you can easily receive the return/rma, scan the barcode, pull up the RMA, and review the product. You can also instruct your team to do a physical review allowing you to collect additional insights on returns (notes, photo collection). Your receiving team can also push refund updates, update inventory, or prepare the product for disposition.

What’s more, this data integrates with your Shopify store and our Returns IQ™ analytics platform to gain greater visibility into potential returns trends. Just another way to help reduce return rates and streamline the process.

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Returns IQ™

Our Returns IQ™ returns analytics software is at the top of the Returns Prevention Hierarchy of Needs, and is the brains behind it all. No more spreadsheets, no more manual data collection. The Returns IQ™ connects all of your returns data points (eCommerce Platform, Customer Service Software as well as Returns Originate™ and Returns Collector™) to identify trends and root cause analysis for defects in your supply chain, mistakes in your product listings or any other potential problem.

Customizable alerts automatically notify you when returns exceed specific thresholds so you can address immediately and take action before returns really get out of hand and put a serious dent in your bottom line. You can then assign flags (action items) to key team members and departments to investigate, determine root cause, and devise a solution to prevent future returns.

Identify. Take Action. Resolve. And you can now do this up to 10x faster because it’s all automated and connected.