Keep your accounting on Shopify

Take the guesswork out of accounting.

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No need to rely on Stripe.

Make accounting easy and integrate with any payment processor.

On average, e-commerce retailers spend about 10 hours per week reconciling sales, inventory, and customer data. Depending on your accountants' hourly rate, that could cost over $15,000 per year and take up over 500 hours per year. ReturnLogic can help.

Save on processing fees.

To make things worse, some payment processors charge processing fees that need to be reconciled when matching deposits to sales. If the deposits aren’t matched, the books can’t get reconciled. Retailers will be forced to pay taxes on merchant fees, which tend to be 3% of the transaction. Not anymore, thanks to ReturnLogic.

Better customer experiences.

These accounting hassles do more than just impact margins – they impact the customer experience. ReturnLogic makes customer satisfaction easy.

Save time.

If an item is oversold, retailers spend even more time processing refunds and managing customer support. With ReturnLogic, e-commerce brands save processing time.

Connect to any payment processor.

With ReturnLogic's open API, retailers can connect returns data to any payment processor. Instead of manual data entry and spreadsheets, retailers can keep their RMA financials in one place and have accurate reports. That's not all...

Set inventory thresholds & eliminate fraud.

Retailers can set inventory thresholds to get a dependable, accurate, and up-to-date pulse on cash flow. Stores are no longer caught off guard by automated refunds or fraud.
No need to rely on Stripe and other processors.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and uncertainty. Say hello to better margins and fraud control.