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Classic Prep Reduces Manual Tasks by Automating Returns Management

Classic Prep Childrenswear is a family-owned children's clothing brand that creates timeless styles for kids.

It was founded by husband-and-wife duo, Josh and Ginger, out of their Connecticut home. Ginger sought to combine her 10+ years of fashion experience with her motherly compassion and instincts.

The result is a versatile and easy-to-clean line of clothing that embodies the classic charm of New England, while allowing kids to be kids.

Before partnering with ReturnLogic, Classic Prep processed returns manually. And this experience was missing the charm and versatility the brand strives to create.

We caught up with Senior Customer Service Representative, Jane Skeen, to learn more about the company's transition to using ReturnLogic.



Business Challenges before ReturnLogic

In the world of ecommerce, the customer service team truly is the front line.

Before partnering with ReturnLogic, Jane and her team were forced to manually process returns themselves. This heavily split the team's focus, only allowing them to dedicate a fraction of their time to other pressing tasks.

In addition, Classic Prep had no way to automate the enforcement of their return policies. Thus, shoppers were able to return products past their return window, or products that had been marked as “final sale" items. And Jane was bogged down by surges of returns that never should have occurred in the first place. 

In edge cases, it became all the more evident that the manual returns process was fragmented.

If a shopper had lost the return shipping label that Classic Prep included in the order, then the team had to supply a new one. These labels were charged to the company whether or not they were used, so they ended up costing the business far more than necessary.

When returning a product, customers filled out a returns slip to send with the item. The warehouse team would then photograph the slip and send a picture to customer service. By the time this information reach Jane, there was a fair chance it was illegible.

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“Customers are able to create their own RMA, which is extremely helpful. That means less tasks for me, less phone calls to answer and phone calls to return."

Jane Skeen @ Classic Prep


Success with ReturnLogic

Jane stated that the returns process is far better now. She highlights that the shopper has more independence to start a return and stay informed throughout the process. 

Now that customers start their return through the returns center, there is no need for the customer service team to decipher written return slips, and so there are far less errors. 

Jane affirmed that, since launching with ReturnLogic, the returns experience as a whole has been much faster and more convenient for shoppers.

But it's not just easier for shoppers - it's easier for Jane and her team, as well.

In particular, she emphasizes that with less repetitive and manual tasks, she has more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

In addition, the ReturnLogic platform provides the Classic Prep team with reports and what products are being returned, and more importantly, why they are being returned.

Standardized return reasons allow the team to quickly summarize the causes of their returns, so they can make improvements to either their products or website.


“Customers are able to start an exchange. And by selecting the new item/size, the item is then saved for them - which was not the case with the method we used before.”

Jane Skeen @ Classic Prep


Better Exchange Process

Before using ReturnLogic, some shoppers would simply leave a note on the return indicating what product they would like in exchange.

However, by the time their return was processed, that item may not longer be in stock.

This out-of-stock issue is mitigated by the ReturnLogic platform, with an exchange inventory threshold for added security.

Now, even in the case of a return, Classic Prep can help their customers get a timeless style they will love.


Classic Prep before ReturnLogic

Before implementing ReturnLogic, Classic Prep's customer service team was slowed down by repetitive manual tasks, and was largely unable to enforce their own return policies.

Classic Prep with ReturnLogic

Since partnering with ReturnLogic, Classic Prep and their shoppers have enjoyed a much faster and easier returns process. Their return policies are automatically enforced, and exchanges have been substantially simplified.


An Iconic Style for Classic Prep

Classic Prep aims to embody the classic charm of the New England coastline. But, the company's previous returns process couldn't quite keep up.

Jane has already noticed remarkable improvements in the returns workflow. This means less work for her and the customer service team, and a far smoother experience for shoppers.

Returns are not always the biggest priority in ecommerce. But, effective operations and a great customer experience will never go out of style.


Automate Your Returns Process

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