How It All Works Together

Our ReturnAlytics Returns Prevention Platform is designed to help Shopify retailers move up the Returns Prevention Hierarchy of Needs by helping manage, understand and prevent returns in a way that is optimal for your business and your customers. Our infographic below shows you how our three products (Returns ORIGINATE™, Returns COLLECTOR™, and Returns IQ™ fit into your business to create fewer returns, happier customers and a healthier bottom line. 


Connect Your Data

It all starts by connecting the data sources you are already using to run your business. This includes your eCommerce platform, your CRM/customer support software, and shipping software. And it's all done via our API so there is no custom development needed. Currently we are supporting the following integrations.


Set Up Returns ORIGINATE™

This on-site application built to seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store, gives your customers that easy returns process they've been looking for to generate an RMA and print out a return label, while giving you the early warning system into returns volume, plus the ability to start collecting critical returns data you can use to prevent future returns. 

Configure Alerts

Once Returns IQ™ is connected to your Shopify store and you've set up Returns ORIGINATE™ you begin by setting your returns thresholds (%, volume, time period…) for your Key Performance Indicators. When these thresholds are exceeded by any product, you are notified immediately so you can review and take action to resolve.

Set Up Returns Collector™

Once you have Returns IQ™ set up and rolling, many retailers find that having their returns receiving department use
Returns COLLECTOR™ gives them even more valuable insights into return reasons as well as expediting the refund process,
which, of course, your customers will love! 

Receive Your Insights

Within Returns IQ™, your Alerts tell you what products are exceeding your returns thresholds. With each product, you can dive into all of the insights related to the return reasons. And you can download this a Returns Analysis Report like this to use to take action. From here you can engage your team (assign Flags) to explore and address these profit-draining issues. 



Fix Your Returns Problem

Once you have taken action to address your most problematic products to prevent future returns, you Resolve each of these issues. This is where the true value of returns prevention comes into play. You are able to see the financial impact before and after each resolution so you can see what you've added back to your bottom line.