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Executive Summary

How Darn Good Yarn Saved 40+ Hours a Week
and Delivered a Premium Shopper Experience 


Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn's Story is a darn good one, about an entrepreneur looking to sell great products, while improving the lives of the artisans who craft them.

Industry: Yarns, Crafts, & Apparel

Platform: ShopifyPlus

Slow and tedious returns and exchange process, lack of visibility and control. 

Fully automated returns and exchanges using ReturnLogic.


Business Problem

Manual, email, and spreadsheet-based processes were costing Darn Good Yarn a full-time employee just to process returns and exchanges in Shopify. It was difficult to impose return policy rules on transactions or get easy visibility into trends. All that was negatively impacting customer satisfaction and driving up costs and return rates.

Manual Returns Process

Slow and tedious returns processes were damaging the shopper experience and causing confusion.

Time Intensive 

Returns and exchanges were costing Darn Good Yarn 40+ hours of operations time and efficiency.

Lack of Control and Automation

Darn Good Yarn could not find software that would accommodate its complex return policy. 

Lack of Visibility 

There was no way way to streamline the returns process and collect data, which made tracking the status of a return nearly impossible.

The productivity impact ReturnLogic has had add on
our small business is incredible. Instead of 40 hours a week, our employee now goes into the super user-friendly software, clicks a couple of buttons and returns & exchanges are complete in under an hour a day. The time savings for us while using ReturnLogic has been very significant for company, to use those resources elsewhere.

Amanada Schermerhorn
Operations Manager, Darn Good Yarn



ReturnLogic solved all of the pain points around Darn Good Yarn's returns and exchanges. By introducing returns automation and increasing workflow efficiency, the Darn Good Yarn team was able to avoid repetitive and time consuming tasks, while focusing their efforts on providing value to shoppers.


ReturnLogic's advanced automation and return rules allowed Darn Good Yarn to customize their returns process to fit the needs of their shoppers and team. This control and efficiency allowed Darn Good Yarn to deliver a world class shopper experience, within just a few clicks.

Instant Return Policy Enforcement

Gone are the days that Darn Good Yarn's customer success team communicates back and forth in lengthy emails with customers attempting to return products past the return window.

Returns Processing Time Reduced

In just a few clicks, returns and exchanges can be quickly processed, saving time, resources, and money.


Visibility into Operations 

Darn Good Yarn can now track the status of every return or exchange submitted, and develop an overview of the entire process so everything remains streamlined.

Increased Shopper Satisfaction

Shoppers were delighted by Darn Good Yarn's easy and hassle free return process, so much so that many opted for an exchange over a return.

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