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Why Shopify Stores Humanize the Customer Experience with Live Chat

Leena Chen
Updated 04/09/21 1:09 PM

A human, personalized online shopping experience is even more important now, with the pandemic-induced shift to ecommerce.

With ecommerce retailers replacing the role of traditional brick-and-mortar stores during the Coronavirus pandemic, both sellers and shoppers alike need to adjust to the digital-first shopping experience.

In traditional retail stores, sales agents are available to answer any questions as shoppers browse through the products. For many customers, online shopping can be nerve-wracking due to the lack of personalized support along the way.

This lack of human support often leads to pre-purchase shopping cart abandonment, post-purchase product returns, and overall purchase anxiety.

Unfortunately, small and independent businesses, like many Shopify sites, are the hardest hit when purchase anxiety sets in. Customers who aren’t yet familiar with your business might wonder whether your site is trustworthy, whether they can easily return items, or even whether there are real people behind the website!

In order to successfully funnel online shoppers through their digital purchases, ecommerce retailers need to simulate the traditional shopping experience online. We would never simply hand an FAQ pamphlet to our customers when they ask questions in a physical store, so why do we normalize such inaccessible sales practices online?

The data backs up the desperate need for humanized digital customer experiences: 44% of online shoppers want to see more transparency about how to get help from a human and 71% of online shoppers are less likely to purchase from brand if human customer service representatives aren't available.

It’s time to fulfill consumer demand for the personalized, human interactions of traditional shopping experiences online by using live chat on your website to serve your website visitors in real-time.

Humanizing the online shopping experience cures customers’ purchase anxiety and helps them make a better purchase decision. In fact, a study by the Harvard Business Review finds that this is true even if customers don’t end up actually taking advantage of the live chat functionality — just knowing that live chat is an option is enough!

A personalized online shopping experience with live chat is the perfect way to meet your customers where they’re at, address their concerns in real time, and help them along their purchase journey. Even better, when you help your customers understand exactly what they’re buying, that means fewer product returns and less headaches for you, too.

About TextChat

TextChat is a customizable live chat software solution for ecommerce websites that uniquely sends website live chat notifications as text messages to your phone.

We empower teams to chat with their website visitors in real time, without any mobile app downloads, trainings, or other barriers to getting started. Find us on the Shopify App Store or visit to learn more!

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